Friday, 28 November 2014

Snowcapped Black Forest

This is my first mani with my nails being 'stompies'. I had a chat with Michelle about a week ago, about her doing a mani with Sinful Colours Charmed, as I was considering doing something similar, I loved what she did. Now, since I'm still waiting on my BPS stamping plates, I decided to use decals.

I started with 2 coats of Tip Top Black Forest on all my nails except my ring fingers, for that I did 5 (yes 5) coats of Tip Top Snowcapped. I'm looking to get Sinful Colours Charmed, as I think Michelle only did 2 coats. So obviously 2 beats 5! The decals I got here from BPS.
Even with my nails being this short, I still managed to get a break somehow. I mean how sad is that?
I've been following Rebecca at Lane's Lacquers for some time, but I've never really gone into her blog, as for some reason our browser at work is outdated and the images never show. So I always thought what's the point of reading if I can't see what she's talking about!? I have also been following her on FaceBook, so I'm not totally clueless. I have decided to go and have a look though, and she's got this awesome page called Blogging 101. Oh I wish I had seen this sooner! She also uses Blogger and all her tips is Blogger based, which is awesome. And since I'm going crazy and changing the way things look, I love it. So there might be some more changes coming soon.

Stay tuned!

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