Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Dedicated to you

It feels like I've been having a very hard couple of months. Work has been a huge pain in the ass, people has become more and more impatient and rude. I mean I have had people walk away from me while I was talking to them. Like WTF?! People has thrown stuff at me. So I'm at the end of my tether.

And I'm having a bad nail week too. I had to cut all my nails as my index fingers wouldn't grow. They were peeling quite badly, so I made the difficult decision to cut them. And start over. Double up on my folic acid and MSM. Hopefully that will help.

I've also in this time realised what some people has done for me.
There's Sam, who is the amazing admin of My Manicure Madness. Sam has been such a rock. She's kept me going when I was ready to give up. And she always has a compliment ready for any kind of art I do.
Antoinette, who is the admin of Do My Nails. She's also been an inspiration and quick to compliment.
Then there's Michelle, aka Ordinary Misfit. She's been awesome.  Every time I have a question, I mail her. If I need to see what something will look like before I attempt it, I mail her. She's been an absolute star.

And the greatest of all is, that I've never met any of these ladies. We've had a strictly online relationship. So while I'm feeling pretty crap about my nails and the way people have been treating me, I feel that these ladies will always in a way brighten my day and for that I'm very grateful. Even if I do not always show it.
Thanks ladies you the best.

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