Friday, 21 November 2014

Stormy Marble

Don't you just hate it when your fabulous ideas don't work out? I wanted to do this awesome water marble mani and it didn't come out quite the way I imagined. Definitely need to practice more. People make it look so easy! I love the way it came out though.

On my pinky, ring finger and thumb I painted Tip Top Stormy Sky. And oh my does this colour not look gorgeous in the sunlight.

For the marble I used Tip Top Armourplate, Moonshine and Stormy Sky. I had such a hard time cleaning up afterwards as all these polishes has a shimmer to them, so I had shimmer all over my fingers. I didn't take my pictures immediately after, I actually waited for some of the shimmer to wash away.

In natural light
With flash
Normally only the left hand is used for pictures, but I'm posting both as the marble on my right hand is diffirent from my left hand.
In natural light
With flash
So what do you guys think? More practice right? I have chatted to somebody about water marbling, who has given me some tips. So maybe next time it will be awesome.

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