Saturday, 8 November 2014

Neon something something

Man, what a week, but it's not like the weekend is gonna be any better. I'm working this weekend and I'm 10 hours into my 12 hour shift... So I'm feeling rather fried already. Luckily I have a girls night that I'm joining on Saturday and my manager said I can leave earlier if it's not too busy. Bonus! Hopefully I won't be too sore Sunday.

Anyway, I saw this mani of Heather at Acidicice, naturally I loved it. So I knew I had to do something similar and neon.

I painted my base coat and 2 coats of Tip Top's Salsa Pop on all my fingers except my ring finger. On my ring finger I painted 3 coats of Walking on Sunshine, whoho... Yea kinda makes you wanna break out in song, doesn't it? I then stamped on my ring finger with Salsa Pop and Born Pretty's m76 stamping plate.
I added a stud to my index and ring finger. I got these studs from AliExpress, I also see now they are cheaper than what I paid for them, but I'm very happy with the purchase. I waited what felt like forever, but at least I finally have it. As you can see my stamping isn't quite there yet, but as with everything else, I need to practise. Like rolling from side to side and not from tip to cuticle. But as BF said, it looks like coral, so win!
I've actually gotten quite a few compliments for this, which is always awesome. People also ask me if I do my own nails and if it's my own nails. And I'm super chuffed to say yes to both.

As usual I'd love to hear from you guys, drop a comment or a mail.

And here's my Born Pretty Store banner again if you guys want to order any thing from them.

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