Friday, 13 April 2018

#52weeknailchallenge: black and red

Whenever I think black and red I think something lacy or a sexy gradient... Since I have tried a black and red gradient before, I opted for the lacy look this time. I got a ton of lacy water decals from aliexpress and haven't found the inspiration to use them yet. So I thought this would be a great opportunity.

I started with two coats of Tip Top cherries in the snow on my thumb and pinky.
On my middle finger I placed the decal on the whole finger. The triangles I stamped from Lina feeling shapely 9 using Nicole Diary black stamping polish. Since this is my second attempt at this mani I knew I had to mark the middle of my nail before stamping otherwise it'll be skew. 
I cut a small square from the decal to fit in the open space above the triangles on my index and ring fingers, leaving the line open in the middle. For my middle finger I coloured the space between the two lines using Tip Top gold mine. Once I knew my stamping wasn't going anywhere I painted the rest of my index and ring fingers with cherries in the snow.
What do you think? I was told this has a wonder woman feel to it... As I said this is my second attempt at this... The first time I did full nail decals on all my fingers, did the stamping and then painted my nails, but the decals showed through the polish and looked messy... Luckily I was on leave and I had a lot of spare time, but I'm back at work and back to not doing mani's twice!

And as always Thanks for reading!!


  1. You did this manicure twice?! I'm shocked!!
    It was worth it though. Your nails look sexy as h*ll :)

  2. Yeah I reeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy love this. Super sexy and perfectly executed (even if you had to re-do)


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