Thursday, 30 November 2017

Secret Santa 2017

I think I should do this post before I forget like I did last year. I was so spoilt and I had all the pictures and I forgot. And by the time that I remembered it was too late.

This year I was even more spoilt and I know Michelle thinks she got the best box, but I'm sure I got the best box. My Secret Santa was Angela.
This was a monster of a box weighing more than 5kg's! I thought she put in some bricks or something. When I opened it though... WoW. It was layered, with another box inside and everything else was either wrapped or in a small box with a ribbon. I had a bucket load of ribbon afterwards.
 Some of the pretties I got. There was a couple of OMG moments, like when I got to the KB shimmer, the ILNP, the starrily!
 Then there was more pretties in the other box.
 And even more in an envelope. I also got a tee.

So excuse me while I go play with these... I do have some mani's coming your way that I used goodies from the box. I'll get around to posting them eventually.

Thanks for reading!


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