Wednesday, 9 August 2017

#52weeknailchallenge: inspired by a tv show

Happy Women's day. I hope everyone is going to have a nice relaxing day. Do think of me though, as I'll be at work for the first half of the day.

So, TV show... I had no idea what to do for this prompt. I was clueless... BF was trying to (not) be helpful and mentioned almost every series I've watched and I had a problem with them all. Yes, sure let's paint a stargate on my nails... Or Baby...

Instead I started by painting 3 coats of Hean City Fashion 61 on my index, middle and ring finger. My thumb and pinky has two coats of Essence a hint of love.
On my pinky I stamped the dots with Essence stampy polish in white and plate RuiZ03 from BPS. On my middle finger I stamped the bow from the same plate with Nicole Diary NS05.
On my index and middle fingers I added some Minnie Mouse decals that I got from Aliexpress.
So that is my take on a TV show. I miss all those old cartoons that came on on Sunday afternoons. These new ones are not my scene. What do you think? I nailed it right?

Thanks for reading!


  1. You absolutely nailed it! I love cartoons too so I might be prejudiced but I can't imagine anyone objecting to Minnie :)

    1. And I'm sure everyone know who she is (hopefully).

  2. Aww I think this looks fantastic! I miss those sorts of old cartoons, the things my niece watches are usually too silly or plain scary!

    1. Thanks Ithi. I know what you mean, some of these new cartoons don't make sense... Maybe I'm just old ;p


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