Monday, 31 October 2016

Twinsie post with Michelle: Another Halloween mani

Hiiiii, my name is Cindy (Hiiiii Cindy) and I have an awkward hand pose....

Happy Halloween people... and yes I have resorted to using Cindy over here because of the nail break I had last week. Anyway, I have gradient galore here.
On my pinky is one coat of Tip Top Purple Reign. My thumb and index two coats of TT Grape Dance. On my middle and ring finger I started with two coats of Hean City Fashion 176 as the base of my gradient. For my gradient I used (top to bottom) TT Purple Reign, TT Grape Dance, Hean I Love Hean 878 from the Pastel collection and CF 176 at the tip. Top coated and waited for it to dry.
Once it was dry I used graveyard vinyls from becauseishop. Stuck 'em down and then used essence the black cat (latex matt) for the graves.
I didn't top coat after that as I wanted the mix of shine and matte. I think it adds a different aspect to it...
What do you think? And as I mentioned in the caption, this is a twinsie post so do head over to Michelle's and give her some love. We have also decided to try and do a twinsie post every month... The theme, working through our inspired list. I have so many mani's that I've wanted to recreate (so does Mich), but we never get to it... So that's what we going to be doing once a month. Hmmm, I wonder, anyone wanna join? I guess we could make it a triplet post or something like.. (so that's my something special Joyce ;p)

Oh and whoever remembers the old Batman cartoons on TV, don't you think that the tombstone looks a little like Batman from the intro, where he jumps onto to roof into a crouch and then stands up? I'm totally rocking Batman right now :D

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Firstly, I LOVE this!! Secondly, how on earth did we end up with the same idea AND same colour scheme? This is nuts! hahahahaha. Love it!!

  2. Love it!! If I were to do a Halloween manicure it would be a gradient with a cemetery :)


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