Friday, 21 October 2016

Franken-zombie monster

So I'm not entirely sure what to call this since people saw different things... Some saw zombies, some saw monsters, some saw the hulk and I just tried to do Frankenstein...

I started with 2 coats of Tip Top As the Beat Grows On on all my fingers. On my thumb I used zig zag vinyls and I love Hean black. On my pinky I used straight vinyls.
On my index and ring finger I used plate QA26 from BornPretty and Essence stampy polish black and stamped what looks like stitches randomly.
For my middle finger I used my Simply Neat miracle mat and drew the face... And stuck it on.
So what do you guys think? I got quite a few compliments on these... Guess it's the neon green, since my drawing skills suck.

Thanks for stopping by guys.


  1. Your drawing doesn't suck at all! Even my husband recognized Frankenstein's monster immediately so you did great :)

    1. Whoooo when the husbands recognize it, it is awesome. At least I did something right.


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