Monday, 13 October 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness and TT Competition

As you all know, it's October and it's breast cancer awareness month. And everywhere there has been some amazing nail art popping up to support this campaign. Michelle at Ordinary Misfit did this beauty as part of the #31DC2014. And I found some awesome ones here on FB. There's even a tutorial for a Pink minion! How cool is that?

Anyway, as usual, Tip Top Nails South Africa was running a nail art competition to support this campaign. The rules, use any colour pink and white and the pink ribbon needs to be on one of your nails. And you need a pretty picture to support your art.

I had such a lot of ideas, watermarble, dots, stripes and gradient. But I didn't want to do dots as I'm waiting for my dotting tool set from BPS. Which is taking forever, as we have a postal strike at the moment. Damn you, South African Post Office! Anyway, this is what I settled for.

I painted two coats of Melting Marshmallows, for my dots (yes, I know I said no dots) and ribbon I used Red-dy Steady Go. This is such a pretty colour! I've been looking for a nice rosy colour and this is it. For my gradient I used, Sexy Bikini and Pot O' Berries.

My gradient has improved... I can tell, trust me. I think my pinky came out quite nicely. My ribbons are a little wonky though, but it's all for a good cause after all. Oh and the heart.... It's my earring that I made myself. Yes, bragging a little.

I am also super proud of my mom and my colleagues, they all entered!

My mom's entry,

Margaret, my colleague,

And this is Danielle's work, also a colleague.

As I said, I'm super proud of them.

Oh and if you wanted to get something from BPS, you can use my code.

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