Thursday, 14 August 2014

Lazy Lizard's Tango with a Mango

Got something new for today. It didn't quite come out the way I had pictured it, but it's not too bad. I used some decals I got from BPS and striping tape I got from Ordinary Misfit. All the products I used is from Tip Top Nails South Africa. Except my topcoat which is a Yardley treatment. 

I started with my normal base coat of MR (Miraculous Results), Then with 2 coats of Lazy Lizard on my thumb, index, middle and pinky. For my ring finger I did 2 coats of Mango Tango. Both these polishes have a pretty shimmer to them, Lazy Lizard seems to dry slightly matte but it's still an awesome colour. As green is my favourite!! Here is it before any art...
It's not very obvious in the picture, but you can see the difference between the shine in the 2 colours.
And here it is with the art :)

I posted on Facebook if I should do stripes or dots for my mani, it was 50/50. So I just decided to do both.

What do you guys think? Any tips or ideas that you would like to share? Drop me a line :)

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