Saturday, 9 August 2014

Round n round we go

Soooo, finally I managed to get to my nail art. Man it took forever. As I mentioned in my previous post, I got some cute decals from BPS. I used Miraculous Results from Tip Top Nails South Africa as my base coat. On my pinky, ring finger and thumb I used TT's Beach Babe. It is a very pretty light blue. On my middle finger I used TT's Sherbet Angel, a dark pink. For my index finger I did one coat of Perfect Look, also from TT. It's a creamy white and not very opaque. Just enough to use as a base coat to make your colours pop.
 As you can see I tried a gradient on my index, the reason for the white coat. I clearly need more practice. And I need to try and keep my sponge away from dust, easier said than done though. 
Let me show you the full mani....
I waited for my colours to dry and then I added the decals. Cute aren't they? After they dried I top coated.
What do you think? Please let me know. And if you have any ideas for me to try.

This will be my last mani with long nails for a while. I'm planning on shortening my nails, just so I can start growing them nice and strong again. But it won't be my last. I'm waiting for some nail studs that I'm excited about. And new stamping plates. Woohoo!  

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