Sunday, 25 November 2018

Secret Santa 2018

I always seem to be the last one to the party... And sharing my Secret Santa haul is no different, but then again, life sucks. Too much happening.

Anyway, you know how I always mention this Secret Santa group I'm part of? Let me introduce them!

Michelle - @ordinarymisfit
Heather - @tehillaleah
Melliska - @madmel1119
Briget - @brigetdotdot the owner of becauseishop
Thea - @madness_nails
Angela - @angelas.nailz
And last but not least Renita - @polish_portfolio the creator of the 52 week nail challenge!

This year my Santa was Thea and I was in awe of the effort that went into my box! It was all gaming inspired! Let me start the tour....

I absolutely adore the piranha plant and the Moomin sanitiser.... It's such a throw back to my childhood.

I'm intrigued by this peach hand cream and I've had my eye on that essence for a long time!

Don't you just love this!!

Ava and Funhouse!! This had me very excited!

I was absolutely blown away by my health and mana "potions"!!  The mana is mints and I've noticed some missing the other day, so I asked BF is he's been stealing my mana and the guy knew what I meant! And that's one of the reasons why I love him.

And like that my game was over! But the ride was so much fun!!! 

Thank you so so much T!! I just loved this, you totally nailed it.

I was going to share some art, but since this post is so pic heavy, I'll share it in a separate post.

Thanks so much for joining my GAME!


  1. This is SO cool! My personal highlights are the Pac-Man polishes, huge grins from both me and The Guy ;)

    1. Right!!? I was blown away! It totally called to my gamer heart.

  2. That little T is a legend. She is so damn creative!!


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