Monday, 24 September 2018

#52weeknailchallenge: smoosh

I think smoosh-ing is one of the easiest ways to get a pretty design without a lot of effort. I originally wanted to do a pink or purple smoosh and then thought of my colleague and knew she would have wanted blue, so I did blue.

I started with a coat of Loreal french riviera on all my nails, not worrying about the opacity as I knew I was doing a smoosh. For the smoosh itself I used Moonflower polish hope of the brave, OPI dining al frisco and Nubar silver mist.
When that was somewhat drier I added a coat of Tip Top rocky road and top coated. I kinda like how this turned out. Hope of the brave and rocky road adds just enough sparkle.
What do you think? I can't decide if this makes me think of a blue galaxy or stormy waters.
Thanks for reading!!


  1. Galaxy, definitely galaxy! And SO pretty... (and yep, 100% galaxy)

    1. Yay for galaxy! I think my next smoosh/galaxy is going to be shades of red!

  2. I definitely agree with Galaxy. i said galaxy before I even read your post. This is a stunning smoosh! (which would also have worked for a certain blue and silver prompt coming up)

    1. Damnit! I should have gone with a red smoosh then!

      I would have probably still been at a loss for silver and blue.


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