Friday, 25 May 2018

Friday Triad: Inspired by polishpixie

It's that time of the month again for our Triad. I sometimes forget what time of the month it is and then I get this shock realizing I have a week left and I have to do the mani now! At least I'm not as bad as Joyce though... Leaving it for the last minute... But she is known to surprise us!

Anyway, this month it was Michelle's turn to pick our inspiration and she chose this lovely mani by @polishpixie92 (there goes my choice for next month)(just kidding)(although we will do another by her again). Let me show you what I did...

Since I really liked the lightest colour she used in the stamp I decided to use it as my base... So I started with two coats of I love Hean 904. I seriously love this colour, I'm fairly certain I might need a back up!! Michelle, know of any dupes??
I then stamped from Lina twirls and swirls with Nicole Diary NS05, mundo de unas mint and dark grey. So I kinda need to learn how to blend my stamping polishes a little more, I didn't want to scrape too much and then end up with one colour.
I feel kinda meh about this, the base is pretty but I think I should have used a more negative space image than the very swirly one I did. What do you think? Don't forget to head on over to Michelle and Joyce's little spaces and give them some love!!

Thanks for reading!!

PS how pretty is the base?!


  1. I really really love this. We had kind of the same idea regarding the lighter base but I think you totally knocked it out of the park here. I absolutely ADORE the original and but I think yours works with the lighter shade. I also think your stamping is spot on as is! Love this!!

    Also, I can't wait to do more of her stuff because I love everything :P
    I am 99% sure I have a dupe for the Hean too but please remind me to look proper once I am sitting again.

  2. Ohhh... You and Michelle must have had a secret plate-and-color-picking-meeting I wasn't included in ;)

    I really like what you did here. That base is gorgeous (so if you remind Michelle to look for her dupe, make sure to tell her to add it to the collection she's gathering for me ;) and it works great with the colors you picked for stamping!

    1. Well I can only be in sync with one of you and it was Michelle's turn this month ;)

      I'll remind her about the dupe but as for the collection.... get in line :p


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