Monday, 14 May 2018

#52weeknailchallenge: childhood

This was another difficult prompt. I didn't have anything that stood out to me from my childhood that I could translate onto my nails.... Now I know childhood can be a lot of things. It can be puppies and kittens and such, but I wanted to make it about me. So I thought maybe I'd do feathers on my nails as we always had some kind of feathered creature in the house, until I was reminded that we have a feather prompt in the challenge. And I was back to square one. Then randomly one day or it could have been during one of my sleepless nights I clicked that cancers have ribbons, I can stamp ribbons and I had cancer as a baby.

I had a tumour on my adrenal gland which was found when I was little over a year. I remember being told that the tumour was so big that when they did the first operation to remove it, it kinda burst open as the pressure from the other organs and such weren't there anymore keeping it together. I went for two operations and obviously a lot of follow ups and check ups. They were initially every 3 months, then every six, then every year until I no longer went, but I still received a phone call every year checking on my health until I was 18 or 21.

Back to my nails.... I had to google the colours for the ribbons.
Courtesy of Google
As you can see gold is the colour for childhood cancer and I hope I managed to pull it off. So let me show you what I did...
I started with two coats of I love Hean 906 on my thumb and pinky. On my index and ring finger I have two coats of City Fashion white. On my middle finger I sponged on essence I love my golden pumps.
I then added a coat of Catrice goldbusters on all my nails except my middle finger. On my ring finger I double stamped the ribbon from BP26 with a gold stampy polish from BPS and nicole diary NS05. I double stamped the lines on my index finger from Lina feeling shapely 1 with the same polishes.
What do you think? In hindsight I should probably have stamped the gold ribbon over the pink one. I also feel that the gold isn't quite the focus here..

And yes, I am perfectly fine now... I just have to deal with normal adult problems and of course my allergies that just won't leave me. Something that I did learn is that due to the chemotherapy I received as a baby I am immunocompromised, and therefor cannot donate blood. Little ironic that I work in a doctors office and I rarely get sick.

As always thank you for reading!!


  1. Maybe you're right about stamping the gold ribbon on top of the pink to bring out the story more, but I think your nails look absolutely gorgeous the way they are. As for the small peek in your childhood... wow, that must have been so scary for your family. I'm guessing you were too young to have real memories of the surgery etc. but the follow ups must have had a big impact on your life. I'm glad you're all well now, and healthy as a horse :)

    1. Thanks Joyce!

      The surgeries I don't remember, as for the check ups, the ones I can remember, they were always fun... The lady that was in charge of the toys at the children's hospital always kept the new puzzles for me as I loved puzzles. I got the privilege of opening them. And since drawing bloods were always difficult I had to "wash" the toys in these old sink basins that was filled with warm water. Made it easier to find a vein.

  2. I didn't even think of doing the gold over the pink for the ribbon but the second you mentioned it I was like "YES!!" I love the idea so so much and I really love how you put it all together. I too, am really really glad you are healthy and with us!


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