Monday, 12 March 2018

#52weeknailchallenge: ocean

I had fun with last year's ocean prompt.... it was my beach nails that you can find here and I called it ocean adjacent... So this year I wanted to do something more ocean-ey...

Anyway, I did a search on Insta for ocean and and a few mani's done by @liliumzz popped up... She's such a palette cleanser. I love her simple and easy mani's. I decided to combine some of them and this is what I came up with.

I started with Tip Top beach babe on all my nails. I then stamped the shell-like image on my index, middle and ring finger from BP-L003 with a navy stamping polish from BPS. On my ring finger I also stamped the bubbles from HeHe 66 with Nicole Diary white stamping polish.
While that was going I placed some unda-da-sea vinyls from becauseishop on my mat and filled it in with OPI ski teal we drop. Once that was semi dry I painted a coat of clear polish over it and waited for it to dry. Once dry, I peeled it up and stuck them to my nails, making sure I got the sea horse on my ring finger where I stamped the bubbles.
On my thumb and pinky I placed wavy vinyls vertically on my nails and painted a coat of ski teal we drop on the one side. Removing the vinyl immediately.
So I kinda like how this turned out even after BF called the sea horse a chameleon, the swirl shell a sea worm of some sort, the wave on my pinky a sea slug and I can't even remember what atrocity the other shell was. That aside, what do you think?
Also if things go according to plan again I might have another review for you coming this week.

Thanks for reading!!

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