Friday, 1 September 2017

#52weeknailchallenge: orange

I honestly don't like these colour prompts... I kinda get stuck and forget that I don't have to only use that specific colour, because in my mind I should only be using the one colour.

For orange I decided to do a watermarble... I know, how brave. But I had to redo my mani. I did it on my off day, but I also had plans for that day and didn't finish by the time I had to leave. So I only managed to finish after I got home, but it was too late for pictures. I wore the mani for a week and everyone thought I was wearing a plain mani... With no art! Therefor I had to make an adjustment to the original.

I started with one coat of Hean City Fashion 178 on all my nails. It was the lightest of the oranges I was using. And in my create and contain circles on my blisskiss mat I did my watermarble.
I used Tip Top aye papaya and orange you fabulous and Hean City Fashion 178 and 171.
I originally only used the oranges. And since people thought there was no art, I had to add the yellow. Once I had managed a decent design I used a paper towel to absorb the water and left the polish on the mat to dry. Then I cut it in half and used my clear stamper to place it on my nail.
I was horrified to see small tears in my clear stamper the other day... Very sad! Anyway, I  top coated after that. What do you think? Think my marble is marble enough? Also what do you think of the lighting between the first two pics? For the second one I used a selfie light... I like the colours this way, but I'm not a fan of the shadow it makes. Let me know!!

Thanks for reading


  1. Your marble looks awesome! I think adding the yellow was a great choice. Lighting in the second picture makes the colors pop more but I can see what you mean with those shadows. You could always add one picture like that if the colors are more accurate that way (she says when usually only using one picture out of a zillion herself ;)

    1. Thanks! I did ask nicely for another selfie light to eliminate the shadows... I normally only take 3 or 4 pics and use what I got.. That's why some are a bit iffy at times.


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