Friday, 28 July 2017

Friday Triad: Inspired by Cat's Claws

It's that time again!! The last Friday of the month where Michelle, Joyce and I chose a manicure for inspiration and see what each of us comes up with. Friday Triad.

Today's inspiration comes from this mani done by Cat's Claws. So I'm not gonna tell you too much about the base for this mani... All I can tell you, it's supposed to be an ombre.
Oh and don't worry about my thumb over there.... She's banned from showing her face as she decided to tear and now she is super short. The images on my index, ring finger and pinky is from BP-58 and stamped with Nubar silver mist.
On my middle finger I stamped the bird image from BP-75 with silver mist, then I stamped the cage over it from BP-L019 with a gold stamping polish from BPS. I should have stamped the image a little lower so I could get more of the cage on my nail, hence the chain going up my finger...
So what do you think? I chose this mani as a bit of a palette cleanser. A simple mani compared to the more complicated ones we have had. I have also cheated a little with the base here. I was working on my ombre for the #52weekchallenge and I thought it would make a good base for this. So keep an eye out for the ombre prompt to learn about the colours I used.... Or you could just guess them.

Dont' forget to pop over to Michelle and Joyce and give them some love.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. This is gorgeous! I love the colours you used as the base (and the ombre is perf) but the images you stamped!! Stunning!

    really love this. Thanks for choosing such a stunning but not complicated design for us. I loved it!

    1. Thanks Mich and it's a pleasure. I figured we needed something easy.

  2. Beautiful! I love the colors, the caged bird, everything!

    Oh, and that's not cheating. That's making very efficient use of your time and polish ;)


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