Friday, 7 July 2017

#52weeknailchallenge: gold

This cold weather we having is not conducive to my blog posts. It's too cold to sit with my laptop... I know I know, why don't I just sit in bed? Well my laptop is connected to the internet via a LAN cable and it's only so long.

Anyway, today's prompt is gold. First off I have a swatch for you. This is I love Hean 900 from the winter collection. Two no fuss coats.
I love this colour. There's just something about it.
Now, today's prompt is not whatever this colour is... it's gold. So I paired Essence I still believe in Santa Claus with a watermarble design from plate HeHe 40.

I tried to align the centre point on different places on my nail, which was slightly difficult as the stamp wasn't very big. So I didn't have a lot of leeway.
Also, those little points that it makes, was very difficult to clean. I kept getting pieces of cotton wool stuck in it.
What do you think of my faux watermarble and the gold? It counts right?

Thanks for reading guys!


  1. That looks pretty and of course it counts. I mean, there's lots of gold, right? And wow... what a gorgeous base color *starts searching through stash for something similar*

    1. It is right? I am very impressed with this winter collection.

  2. I love you that paired these two colours together, especially as a marble pattern. I also love the base colour!!


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