Monday, 15 February 2016

Monochrome Valentine's Day

Happy belated Valentine's day. Did everyone enjoy it? Spent it with someone special. In my case, my someone special was work and then my bed. It's great fun being sick. I did manage to pull off a valentine mani being sick and all.

I started with one coat of SC Black on Black on my pinky and thumb. The rest is two coats of SC Snow me White.
I used a swirly heart vinyl on my middle finger and heart stencils on my index and ring finger. I sponged on SC Black on Black and used simply peel for easy clean up.
The stencils are slightly bigger than my nails, so I cut it down to size and the little hearts that were left I used to make white heart decals on my miracle mat. It was fun.
So what do you think of my monochrome look? And what do you think of my mat?
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


  1. Awesome! I love Valentine's nails that aren't pink *peeks down at her pink fingers and shrugs*

    So how do you like your mat? I've been wondering about those rings. Do they really work or are they too shallow? And does it attract a lot of dust? <- that's me trying to figure out if I want one too ;)

    1. They've been watermarbling in those circles, so I don't think they are that shallow. And dust hasn't been a problem for me yet. And our place is pretty dusty.


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