Sunday, 14 September 2014

What is your work ethic?

You know, sometimes I get very irritated with the people I work with. Being a medical receptionist and working for a rather big company, has it's days. And obviously there are a lot of SOP's (standard operating procedures), policies and procedures. And above that we still have to do what our Dr's want, which makes it rather stressful at times.

Recently we got a memo from our manager, who in turn got it from her manager, who was in the meeting the Dr's had when they decided about the new rule. They have meetings 3 to 4 times a year, discussing... Well discussing whatever they do.

Let me give you a quick break down of how things work, during the day we work with appointments. During certain times of the day, it's first come, first served. This would be early morning, before the appointments start, lunch time, and in the late afternoon to evening, after the appointments ended. During these times there is only one doctor on duty. On weekends, there is a maximum of 3 doctors on duty and not always at the same time. So, normally people would phone, ask if their doctor is on duty and rush in if they are. This would result in one or two doctors being bombarded by requests and a lot of the times it would be for full check ups. Weekends and after hours are considered to be for emergencies only. So it's a little difficult for the doctor to tend to a real emergency immediately, if they busy with your check up, that wasn't urgent, that you could have made an appointment for during the week.
Now personally I believe if you sick, you will see any doctor. If your doctor is on, bonus, otherwise I'm sure you won't care.

Now, the new ruling is, we not allowed to tell the patients which doctors are on duty. If they want to see their doctor, they need to make an appointment Monday - Friday. Obviously there will be people who will not be happy about this.

I'm generally not one of those people that does as they are told, but when it comes to my job, I do. Sure, I'll moan and groan about it, but at the end of the day I'll do it. Because it makes me a good employee, it makes that I get considered for over time and a better bonus when the time comes.


But, my dear dear colleagues, just don't care! They do what is easiest, the least amount of trouble.
"I'll tell the patients who is on duty, as I don't want to argue with them on a Sunday."
Yea, but you know what? You not doing what you supposed to and you might be making your own life easier, but not anyone elses. Maybe tomorrow or the day after or even a week from now, I will speak to that patient and that patient will scream and shout and argue with me, because you don't want trouble... Gee, thanks for that.

I get so frustrated by these things, I feel like pulling my hair out of my head at times. I get paid to work, so when I'm supposed to start work at a certain time, I start work. If I'm late (touch wood but I haven't been late yet), I'll feel so bad I'll start work double time. Work extra hard, so I can feel like I've made up for it in some small way. But nooooooo, not my colleagues, they first want to check their phone, catch up with their team (who they saw just yesterday ), check their hair and make up, make coffee or tea and then if they FEEL like it, they will start work. Bastards. And the sad thing is, they get away with it. Not because our manager doesn't do anything about it, but because she doesn't see it. Lucky Bastards. Yip, if anything, they are very lucky. They never get caught. Yet me on the other hand.... Sad.

Do you have any people you want to kill at work? Any weird quirks they have that drive you up the wall?

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