Friday, 26 January 2018

Friday Triad: Inspired by @didoline

It's our first Triad post of the new year and this month it was Joyce's turn to choose. We did mix it up a little, so we don't get the same months we got last year. She chose this mani, done by @didoline. I loved it, because I had so many ideas.

Now I feel that I need to mention one thing... I don't redo mani's. I do it and that's it. No retrying it in other colours, what you see is my first try. Warts and all! My initial thoughts were to use piCture pOlish escapades and starrily quantum energy, but they were to close in colour. Then I thought of using starrily bioluminesence, but it didn't have the kind of holo I wanted. I also wanted to use a creme polish, but I couldn't think of any that was the right shade. I eventually settled on PP escapades and hercynia.

I started with two coats of escapades on my thumb and index. My pinky has two coats of hercynia. On my middle and ring finger I stamped the chevron pattern from Lina feeling shapely 1 and Nicole Diary black stamping polish.
I filled in the gaps with hercynia and escapades. And here is where my hindsight kicks in again. Escapades is a bit dark for the black stamping. I wish I had a teal holo or even a blue one, one that would have suited hercynia better.
That being said and me not being able to capture the colours properly, I do like how this turned out. Even though escapades is a bit dark, it did show. And I was looking at my nails a lot.
What do you think? Both these polishes are firm favourites and I'm glad I used them. Don't forget to pop over to Joyce and Michelle and give them some love... I have a suspicion that someone may have used pink!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Whaaaat!!! How clever is this! I love the combo of polishes. I get what you mean about it being darker but I love it. I find it interesting that there is soooo much green this month......... Love this!

  2. Ohhhh... pretty!! And those polishes are gorgeous!
    Escapades has been on my wishlist for ages and it keeps getting pushed down when I see other stuff that gives me grabby hands but I've just firmly placed it at the top again... yep, your fault :)


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