Wednesday, 28 June 2017

#52weeknailchallenge: rainbow

Okay seriously... I cannot handle my allergies anymore, it is driving me up the wall. I'm almost constantly sneezing, my nose is blocked most of the time and therefor I haven't been sleeping all that well either. And my nose is so sore from blowing.... Kill me now.

Anyway, this weeks prompt is rainbow and I totally cheated on this! I wanted to do a awesome gradient, but I was lazy. I think I started with a white base, but I can't remember. I didn't make any notes on this.
So I got 50 sheets of water decals from aliexpress for next to nothing. And there were so many random decals. Full nail images, single images, you name it.And this swirly one was among them.
This counts as rainbow right? Right?
That's it for my scum rainbow nails... What do you think?

And as always thanks for stopping by!!


  1. These are awesome, I love how bright and artistic they look!

  2. Nothing scum about it, they look great! I do hope your allergies will calm down soon as there is no way I would allow anyone to kill you, sorry... not sorry :p

    1. Haha thanks. I'll actually much rather be sick at this point. All this damp and cold is not helping.


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