Friday, 28 April 2017

Friday Triad: Inspired by Paulina's Passions

I had slight technical issues this morning so my post is slightly late, but here it is.

It's that time of the month again for our triad post. It was my turn to choose our inspiration, so I chose the first mani in this post done by Paulina. I like how the roses popped on the background.

For my base I mixed some black polish with clear polish, adding black to the clear until it was sheer enough, but not too opaque. The only problem I had was that it bubbled for some reason. The black geometric design is from plate BP 77. The roses from BP 73.
Since my clear stampers doesn't pick up my essence black stampy polish I had to make decals using my miracle mat. I also made stamping decals with the roses, colouring in the leaves with Essence beijos de brazil. The roses is coloured in with Essence santa baby (red), Orly two-hour lunch (dusty pink) and Ulta3 cherry taffeta (bright pink).
Once my base was super dry, I used a nail art pen from BPS to draw the border around my nails. While I was doing this all of those decals were drying, I then added them to my nails, only to have more bubbles form. And by adding top coat it just made more bubbles. So this was one bubbly mess, but it was pretty.
So yes I am moaning a little and it's not super obvious unless you look close, but I could see it every time I looked at my nails. What do you think? Does it do the original any justice? Don't forget to pop over to Michelle and Joyce's and show some love.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Gorgeous!! Your black is just sheer enough to look great and I love the different colors in the roses (I wish I'd thought of that). Awesome job :)

  2. Fabulous job! I love that you and Joyce used the same plate for the roses!
    I hate bubbles. Luckily I can't see them in the photos so as far as I am concerned, they don't exist ;)

    1. I guess that's the benefit of taking pics immediately. The flaws doesn't have a chance to show.

  3. I don't see any bubbles...It's beautiful!


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