Wednesday, 1 March 2017

#52weeknailchallenge: negative space

So I have realized that I am terrible at explaining things... Here I am randomly doing this 52 week challenge and you have no idea what it is, where or how? So here's a link that will take you to Michelle's blog and she explains it all.

There. Explanation done. Anyway for this prompt, the negative space prompt, I took some inspiration from this mani done by Paulina. I started with two coats of a polish that was gifted to me, it has no name, no number, just HD on the bottle, on my thumb and pinky. On my index, middle and ring finger I stamped using plate BC-10 that was sent to me by Cherry Blossom Store and essence stampy polish white.
I top coated as I was going to use striping tape. I then taped off sections of my nails and used the same HD polish to fill in the blanks.
Top coat over that and then added a square stud to my middle finger. It bothered BF slightly as the stud was off centre, but hey it's not that easy placing it.
So I really like it, but I'm a little iffy about it too. What do you think?
Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Pretty!!! Of course my inner OCD screams murder about the stud but I can overlook that when I drool over that gorgeous red :)

    1. Ha luckily when I looked at it I couldn't see that the stud was skew. So win for me.


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