Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Hean nail polish: City Fashion #162

Yay another post. I should really get my shit together. I'm still kinda recovering from the break, but I've been swatching. So for the next couple of posts that is what will be coming your way. And they are all City Fashion's.
This is two coats of City Fashion #162. This is a tricky colour, it's purple but in some light it looks a deep red. I love it nonetheless. And if you one of those people that season dictates what you wear on your nails, this is a perfect shade for winter (my winter is just starting).
I got a beautiful textured gold polish from Gael some time ago, I was so surprised when I got it as it wasn't part of my order, but I got it because I'm special and awesome LoL. Anyway, I thought it would be awesome with this polish. It is 852 from the Sugar collection. And it covered 162 quite nicely.
I also recently received these awesome greek vinyls from Briget at becauseishop. Michelle hosted a giveaway and I was the lucky girl to win.
I would really suggest checking out B's shop, it's got some pretty cool vinyls and other things. And for the rest of this month she's running a special. Buy one, get one. I am patiently waiting for payday, so I can order some things. Also how awesome is this gold polish? I actually got a back up.
If you want this gold, I would suggest to hurry. There is only one or two left... And they have been discontinued by Hean. What do you think of 162? Is it not a beaut? Just click on the Glamore Cosmetics banner if you want to head over to their shop... I think they receiving new stock the end of May. Hopefully there's more new polishes!

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  1. I'm sorry for not commenting in ages but O M G... this is beautiful! I love the combination of that deep red with gold and your choice of vinyls turns it into perfection. Absolutely love love love it!

    1. Thanks Joyce. And welcome back, missed your comments.


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