Friday, 8 April 2016

Twinsie post with Michelle: Scribbled nails

EEEEEEEK! My post is a bit late today, but I'm not quite awake yet. Anyway, I contacted Michelle for another twinsie post. Felt like doing something different. I shared this mani from The Adorned Claw with her and we decided on this as a theme and blue as our colour scheme.

I started with two coats of Hean City Fashion 174 as my base. You can find my swatch here. While that was drying I did the "scribbled" part of this mani on my miracle mat. I used Hean City Fashion 164 for this.
While those were drying I did a gradient on my now dry base coat with Hean City Fashion 174, 199 and 168 at my tip. The gradient was so pretty I had to take a pic. I didn't topcoat the gradient, so it is a bit grainy.
Then I cut my scribbles in half and used a half per nail.
So far, I love this technique, if you could call it that. Michelle said it could turn into a huge fail, but I think this would cover up a fail. This goes into the same category as waterspotting and the saran wrap. I'm already wanting to try this again.
So what do you think? I really loved this mani.
Don't forget to go and give Michelle some love. You can find her mani here.

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