Friday, 15 January 2016

Hean nail polish: City Fashion #178

My post is a bit late today, but I was busy ordering myself some Simply Peel aaaaaaand (drum roll please) a Simply Neat Miracle Mat!! I've been saving since December for this waiting for their sale. And luckily the mat is half price, since it only went up for international sale yesterday. And you can get a 10% off coupon code. Can't wait!!!

Okay so this mani was a bit of a fail to start with. I'll start with the fail and hopefully a save and then show the swatch. I started with a stanping decal, which in hindsight I shouldn't have used, as my stamping failed me here. Like totally. After multiple attempts.
The stamping plate is BP-L025. Eventually, when my stamping sucked so badly, I resorted to doing a saran wrap (??) on my index and ring finger. I used the technique where you blob the nail polish on your nail and then use a piece of plastic and mush over it. I already had Simply Peel around my nail and I felt I needed to do something messy.
For that I used Hean City Fashion #168. Anyway, I used two coats of #178 on all my nails.
This polish is more pink in person than orange as it shows in the pic. I'm starting to understand why bloggers say they cursed with pinks.
What do you think of my fail? Do you consider it saved?
Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm afraid the stamping really is a fail... but saran wrap is a smart idea and the base color looks beautiful!


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