Friday, 20 November 2015

Sassy in the City goes Sarcastic by Nature aka Twinsie post with Sam.

I seriously need to get my lazy ass moving... I have all these pictures that need watermarks and posts that need to be done. BTW for you who does not know this, but blogging is hard work. Sure it's fun and it's awesome knowing there's some lovely people reading and commenting and sharing and hopefully loving my work, but man, it takes time. I always thought 'what are these bloggers going on about?' but I get it now!

Today I have something absolutely awesome! A twinsie post with Sam from Sassy in the City. Now I'm sure there's a lot of you guys who know Sam and if you don't... What rock have you been living under? Sam is the bestest! She's always encouraged me and never said anything bad about my work ever. So the idea for today was, for her to do a mani and I would copy it. But then she didn't get to it and it fell to me to do the mani and she would copy it.

The theme she gave was dotticure meets zig zag. So I was like cool. And I came up with this...
And now as I'm rereading our messages I see that she set the colour too. White, purple and green... Oops (LoL) So I started with Hean t10 from the I love Hean collection.
On my middle finger I placed a zig zag vinyl as I wanted my dotticure to form a zig zag. Not sure if it worked. On my index and ring fingers I did actual zig zags with vinyls from Llarowe. I used Hean 276, 277 and 281 from the Jungle Pop collection for the zig zags.
I got the idea for the black and the metallic polishes from Michelle. I think she mentioned it makes them pop. Head on over to Sam's Facebook page and give her some love for her "Same same, but different" mani!
Before I finish with you guys, can you spot a difference with any of the nails in the pic above?? There is one! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I totally feel you!! I find it really amusing when I see people say that blogging is easy and that they will post EVERY single day. ^^' Unless you are really serious about it then its not easy! Love the nail art, the colours you used are so so beautiful together! xx

    1. Thanks Fifi. Some people do manage to post everyday, but that's all they do. Unlike the poor souls who actually work.

  2. Amen to that! At the moment I'm struggling to post at least once a week :S Your manicure looks awesome and thanks for sharing the tip about using vinyls to get dots in a pattern. I'm going to use that one day, when I can actually sit down and play with polish again ;)

    1. I also wanna play with my polishes again. It feels like I keep going the easy route. And I'd love to see what you come up with.


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