Friday, 9 October 2015

Hean nail polish #280 - Jungle Pop Collection

Yay, it's finally Friday! Unfortunately it doesn't mean much for me as I'm working the whole weekend. Meh

Anyway, today's Hean is the last one from the Jungle Pop collection. This is two coats of #280.
You can see the holo in this picture already, but I do have one with a flash lined up as I had no sunshine when I swatched this one.
This is my second favourite holo.
Do you not love this holo? It's a true beaut. My art for it is very simple...
I top coated and then used single chevron vinyls from We Heart Nail Art. The nude I used is Toasted Nuts from Tip Top.
I like how these turned out, but my peoples didn't like it. Oh well.
Can't keep everyone happy. If you like this holo, pop over to Glamore Cosmetics to get one. I'm kinda relieved that the swatches are done, but I'm gonna miss it... The hardest part was deciding what art to do with what swatch.

Thanks for popping by!


  1. That holo... gorgeous!! And your nail art shows it off beautifully.
    Why can't I find a place that sells Hean and ships to Europe? It's just not fair! *stamps foot*

    1. Thank you! I'm completely geographically challenged, but Hean is a Polish brand.... That's Europe right? LoL

    2. It is, but for some reason they don't sell it anywhere. In fact, I've only seen it on SA blogs... weird guys (or maybe just my lack of googling skills ;)


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